File Extension File Type Popularity
JSON JavaScript Object Notation Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )

Use of JSON files


JSON files are only meaningful when used by appropriate application of program. JSON files may be supplied to programs in two ways:

  • Directly using client-server communication protocol.

    Data is read from JSON file and sent as a plain text. No conversion of any type takes place. The data is typically represented as a singe variable and after it reaches its target destination recreated as a JSON file and further processed.

  • Using a file

    Sending data directly as a JSON file typically takes place when the receiver is not defined. For example, exporting saved web browser bookmarks to JSON file for backup purposes. This method also allows editing the JSON data or securing it for storage.

Programs and applications typically ignore additional data in JSON files (regardless of formatting applied). If the files does not contain the required entires, an exception is returned. JSON data is always preprocessed and checked for syntax errors and malicious code. It is the programmers task to ensure JSON file contains proper data.